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Eat egg fallible

The proportion of amino acid of the egg protein well suited to human physiological needs, easy for the body to absorb, the utilization rate as high as 98%, high nutritional value. Egg calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin A content is very high, B vitamins are also very rich, also contains many other kinds of human essential vitamins and trace elements. Although egg nutrition value is high, eat and eat, but egg or 5 errors need to pay attention to house for sale brazil.
How to eat egg nutrition.
Egg eating is diverse, boiled, steamed, fried, fried and so. On the digestion and absorption rate of nutritional egg, boiled, steamed egg 100%, tender fried 98%, egg 97%, poached egg 92.5%, old fried 81.1%, raw was 30% ~ 50%. In view of this, boiled, steamed egg is one of the best to eat.
Eggshell color is deeper, nutrient value is high
Color and nutritive value of egg shell and the relationship between small, analysis shows that, the nutritional value of egg nutritional value depends the egg, the feeding its mainly depended on the feed nutrition structure and chicken, no much relationship with the color of the eggshell. From the sensory point of view, the egg white is thick, show that the higher protein content, protein quality better. Under normal circumstances, yolk color deeper egg nutrition better.
Egg and soybean milk with food nutrients
Taste of soybean milk containing Gan Ping, plant protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients, a separate drinking has very good nourishing effect. Soybean milk contains trypsin inhibitor, can inhibit the protease activity of the human body, affecting protein digestion and absorption in human body, the sticky protein in egg white, with soybean milk in the combination of trypsin, hinder decomposition of protein, thereby reducing the body's absorption of protein.
Boiled egg as long as possible
Egg cooked too long, sulfur ions combine to form ferrous ions and protein in yolk of insoluble ferrous sulfide, it is difficult to be absorbed. Fried egg over the old, egg proteins contained in the polymer will become a low molecular weight amino acids, the amino acids on the formation of chemical substances often adverse human health at high temperature. Boiled egg is the best cold water pot, boil some water and cook for 3 minutes. When the egg is heart shaped, the most beneficial to the human body to absorb nutrients. Different boiling time of the egg, digestion time in the human body is different. "3 minute egg" is slightly cooked egg, the most easily digested, takes about 1 hours and 30 minutes; "5 minutes" egg "is half cooked egg, in the human body digestion time of about 2 hours; long boiling time of the egg, digestion to 3 hours 15 minutes inside human body real estate agent turkey. Egg cooked egg nutritious than more
Some people think that, moistening lung and nourishing efficacy of raw egg. In fact, raw egg is not health, easily lead to bacterial infection, but not more nutritious.
1 raw egg hard to digest, a waste of human digestion and absorption of nutrients. Egg protein by pepsin and trypsin. The small intestine and having a trypsin resistant material egg in the egg white, will hinder digestion and absorption of protein.
2 raw egg contain avidin, affecting the absorption of biotin in food, easy to make the body appear poor appetite, general weakness, muscle pain, inflammation of the skin, removing eyebrow "biotin deficiency".
The compact protein structure 3 raw egg, and contains anti trypsin, most can not be absorbed by the body, only cooked proteins become loose, is more beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the human body.
4 about 10% of the eggs contain pathogenic Salmonella, mold or parasite eggs. If the egg is not fresh, the infection rate is higher.
5 in addition, raw egg and special flavor, but also can cause central nervous inhibition, reduced secretion of saliva, gastric and intestinal juice and other digestive juice, resulting in loss of appetite, indigestion. Therefore, egg by high temperature cooked before eating, do not eat unripe egg.
Egg consumption advisories
Eggs must be cooked to eat, don't eat it raw, beat the eggs also need to beware of contamination to the bacteria on the egg shell. Infants and young children, elderly, patients should eat egg to cook, lying, steaming, left for good. In addition, eggs, rotten eggs can not eat. Coronary heart disease people eat egg is unfavorable and overmuch, daily for no more than 1 advisable, to have high cholesterol, especially in patients with severe, should try to eat or not eat, or eat protein can be taken not to eat egg yolk cholesterol content in egg yolk, because of higher than 3 times the protein, can be up to 1400 mg hectogram.