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I don’t know if you have noticed, but the Yukons have arrived! Now before I start let me tell you, I make part of my living serving the Yukons, Escalades and Hummers. Yes I am referring to the nice people of Alberta who come and spend their well-earned oil money here in our beautiful Okanagan, driving those big cars/trucks Property for sale in Brazil.
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For the hospitality industry this is the time of the year where you finally fill up your restaurant everyday or have tourists lined up for your wine tours or whatever it is that you are selling. I have nothing against capitalization of our area, but it would be as nice if those tourists did not drive humongous trucks. Every time I back up at the butcher I am always freaking out - scared that I will back up into one of those big things. I also think it is absolutely ridiculous to actually walk into a store leaving your massive truck running so it is nice and fresh once you come back from buying your two steaks bali houses for sale.

So let’s face it, without the Yukons the farmers would have a bit more trouble selling their fruits and vegetables and the wineries would be stuck with leftover wine every year. I am only suggesting that they still come spend their money, but maybe in smaller cars and shut them off while shopping (the trucks, I mean – not the people) turkey real estate for sale.