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Some people should not often drink coke

Those who have stomach trouble is not drinking cola. So, what people should not drink cola?The plane can not drink colaThe plane took off or decline, some people will appear tinnitus, if this time just to drink cola soft drinks, it is possible to cause otitis media.
People before and after exercise can not drink cola
The cola in CO2 and water into carbonate reaction, make muscle acid content increased, while the movement will produce lactic acid, the body too much, adverse to the body.
People who drink can not drink cola
When the rum and coke in the body involved, the alcohol will soon spread to the whole body, and produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, reduce gastric acid secretion and affect the digestive enzyme. Suffering from gastrointestinal diseases such as drinking and then drink a lot of cola, may cause gastric and duodenal ulcers, bleeding.
Pregnant women should not drink cola
Pregnant women, excessive drinking cola beverages, will cause adverse effects on the fetus is directly affected by caffeine, and the occurrence of fetal death, low birth weight and other toxic consequences.
Children can not drink cola
Because of the cola in caffeine has strong excitatory effects on the central nervous, some researches prove, children with ADHD and related to this, can lead to children's mental restlessness, discipline, falling grades etc..
The elderly can not drink cola
Coke has a diuretic effect, can make the calcium absorption is reduced by half. Elderly people often drink containing caffeine in cola drinks, will exacerbate the lack of calcium, causing osteoporosis, fracture easily.
If these people can not help but greediness, drink what cola?
1, cause fetal malformation: containing higher Cola ingredients caffeine, caffeine is in the body to endanger the fetal brain, heart and other organs, the same will cause fetal malformation or congenital diseases.
2, lead to osteoporosis: love drinking cola, fracture risk is 5 times less soda drinks. The phosphoric acid in cola may be the cause of causes of fracture rate increased, because of the large amount of phosphorus can affect the body's absorption of calcium. The coke caffeine have decalcification effect.
3, can dissolve nails: it has been tested, the nails into the coke, iron nails would gradually dissolve! The cola in phosphoric acid belongs to strong acid, even after dilution, there is still a certain acidity. Coke will not dissolve the stomach, but also bring certain burden to the stomach, gastric ulcer person is best not to drink.
4, easy to get esophageal cancer: India medical experts found that, cola and other carbonated beverage consumption big crowd, rates are relatively high incidence of esophageal cancer. The researchers speculate, may be carbon dioxide pressure to reflux into the esophagus, which stimulate the esophagus, induced esophageal cancer, but this explanation is not sufficient evidence. However, to be sure, suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and gastrointestinal dysfunction should strictly control the carbonated beverage.